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Here you will find businesses we have personally used and would recommend. Click here if you like to support local companies as well.

Manufacture Links

This will take you to links of some of the manufactures of our medicines. Click here if you would like to get their information.

Organization Links

Following to this page will take you to links that are predominately related to veterinary medicine related organizations. Click here to view these sites.

Personal Links

The following page has links that are not necessarily veterinary in nature. They are links to sites of interest to us and perhaps to you as well. Click here and enjoy.

Pet Bereavement Links

These next links deal with Pet loss, Bereavement and Euthanasia. It is our hope that these links will provide information you need when considering euthanasia or when dealing with the loss of a close pet.

Pet Insurance

Please click here to check out information regarding Pet Insurance

Poison Information Links

The folowing links contain information in regards to pet poisoning as well as poisonous plants. ***Please---TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE in cases of poisoning, please contact us, the Emergency Clinic and/or the pet poison hotline IMMEDIATELY***

Veterinary Links

The following page has links that are more directly related to veterinary medicine. They are links to sites that we think may be of interest to our clients. Click here and let us know if you found the information to be of value.




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