Comfort Fund

January 27th

Currently our comfort fund is caring for a 2 year Doberman that is temporarily paralyzed in the backend. He is very weak and emaciated. He has a deep wound in the soft palate of his mouth. He was a voluntary release from the owners. His long term prognosis is guarded.

January 31st

Results of the tests we sent out on the Doberman came back positive for Lymphoma. After a week of treatment his condition had deteriorated and a decision was made to euthanize him. So Dr Sheahan and I took him home and allowed him to spend his last day on a blanket outside in the sun, watching the horses. After he was euthanized, we buried him at home with our other family of dogs. We rarely do that, but we felt so sad for this little guy who was so sweet all the way up to the end. This one was so hard to take.

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