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  • Nur (Thursday, December 27 12 06:55 pm EST)

    Thinking of your beautiful boy,Jasper(and you).Hope he cnetinuos to enjoy his lovely life.Oldies are truly amazing.From my experience of our's,they seem to have a great will to live.I think their
    psychological well being is just as important as their physical health.With all of the love and support Jasper receives from you,I'm sure he will have the very best chance of having some quality time
    still to come.His big smile is a delight.Give him a big heartfelt cuddle from me and big canine best wishes from Max and Jay(both coming 15years).We've had a few scares along the way and are
    very,very lucky to still have both of them.With all best wishes,Janice.

  • Tanya Spradlin and Family (Monday, August 13 12 11:05 pm EDT)

    Im leaving a comment to just tell everyone what an awesome doctor Dr. Heidi is and a great supportive staff she has!! My Mack became very ill and she took care of him as though he was her only
    patient. I can not express enough gratitude for making Mackey better. He is not just a dog. He is a part of our family. Thank you Dr. Heidi and staff for taking care of Mackey!!! We love you and
    appreciate you for everything!!!

  • Shannon McCullar (formerly Gummere) (Thursday, March 31 11 03:34 pm EDT)

    I saw your website, and had to comment on it!
    1- GREAT job on the website! Easy to navigate, and very clear and detailed! Would love to see more pics of you all on here though! And the hospital pets! :)
    2- I wanted to leave some feedback on here for everyone who is contemplating using Dr. Sheahan for a vet.
    For anyone who uses Dr. S, you will not be disappointed! Over the course of MANY years, I have had MANY vets for my animals, and I've worked for/with 4 vets. Dr. S is the last one that I worked for,
    and by far, the best one I've worked for. I knew with the other vets, as an employee and as a client, that they weren't too impressive. They didn't leave much of an impression on me at all. When I
    came to work for Dr. S, I was amazed and lucky by her compassion, dedication, determination, and patience. She is like a pitbull when it comes to fixing animals, and giving a diagnosis. VERY
    professional, but VERY attentive to the client's needs, as well as the pet's needs. I've had the privelage to assist in almost all surgeries with her, and to attend to clients with her. Unlike most
    vets, she takes her time to listen, to fully examine a pet, and to help you along the way. She is also VERY particular about keeping her hospital clean, whether it's the lobby, the rooms, the
    kennels, the surgery room, the treatment area, the dental area, and even the "break area," which is where food and things are kept. It is SO important to keep all these areas clean, and I've been in
    other hospitals where if the client can't see the area, they aren't so picky on keeping it clean. Dr. S even insits all the fridges and cabinets are kept clean, orderly, and organized. I firmly
    believe that because of that, that is one reason why her hospital is so safe for pets, and not much chance of cross contamination.
    She has saved more than 1 of pet's lives, that I didn't have much hope for, and I've watched her save so many other pet's lives as well. Some people would come to her with a pet pretty much on their
    last legs, not expected to make it, after being seen by other vets, and she is able to do a quick turn around for many of them. Naturally, not all animals are able to be saved, but from my experience
    there, most of those were because they were brought in too late with a wrong diagnosis, or there was something incurable with them (such as cancer or anything like that).
    Recently I came pretty darn close to losing my beloved dog, who next to my kids, means everything to me. I moved 4 hours away from Dr. S, so I wasn't able to take her to see Dr. S. My gut kept
    telling me that the vets here didn't know what they were talking about, and I felt they gave me a diagnosis just to have a diagnosis. They didn't spend much time in the rooms with me, they rushed me,
    didn't take the time to really get her history and everything that was going on. That would have NEVER happened with Dr. S, not with me, or anyone who sees her. So I contacted Dr. S, and she has been
    in constant contact with me daily, SO patient, helping me, trying to figure out what is going on, looked at her xrays that I sent for her to see, watched videos of how my dog was acting, everything.
    I FIRMLY believe that had I not contacted Dr. S, my dear Dusty would be dead right now, or in the next few days. Fortunately I have all the trust in the world in Dr. S, and I listened to her instead
    of the vets here, who insisted they knew for sure what was wrong with my dog, which they labeled as CHF (congestive heart failure). I really didn't feel that was the case, because I've helped Dr. S
    treat quite a few dogs like that. Thank god I contacted Dr. S on this! And listened to her! They gave me heart meds for my dog, and she went downhill that night, I really and truly thought for sure
    she would be dead that night. Before Dr. S got my xrays, I had the vet here call her and tell her exactly what he saw. She still didn't agree with his diagnosis, advised me to quit the heart meds, as
    she was basically overdosed, advised me what meds to ask the vet for, and she started improving quickly. THEN she got the xrays, and her initial diagnosis and thoughts were verified. Amazing how she
    was able to do all that over the phone! I'm forever indebted to her for her patience and compassion! If it wasn't for her, I would more than likely have lost my beloved Dusty girl!
    Now, I know there are some complaints about her being "too pricey." Would you skimp on taking care of your child, just to save a buck? Most vets just give shots, check ears, and send you on your way.
    Not Dr. S. She does a thorough exam everytime! To look for any abnormalites that a shot would make worse, or any abnormalites that need to be addressed in case the owner didn't pick up on it. Also, I
    can vouch first hand that she doesn't skimp on anything! She refuses to step over a dollar to get to a dime. She only has the bests of all medications, vaccinations, supplies, lab, surgical supplies,
    and unlike most vets, she does NOT feed cheap food for animals that have to stay, she uses only things that can be sterilized, has top notch technology equipment, and her training is amazing. She is
    so worth the cost! You can get almost everything major done through her, instead of hopping all over town to treat your pet. She takes her job very seriously, takes you and your pet seriously, and
    takes making darn sure your pet has only the best of everything while in her hospital!
    Dr. S is by far, the best boss I've ever had as well. I ask ALOT of questions, I need alot of questions answered to make sure I know what I'm doing right. She takes the time to teach her employees
    that want to learn, and she takes the time for her clients and their pets. I have not one single bad thing to say about her in any way. She really is the best, and I'm forever grateful to her for
    everything she has done for me as a boss, and as my vet!!