Compassionate veterinarian she is, Heidi SheahanDr. Heidi Sheahan that is, has my total gratitude and thanks.
     I have a handicapped kitty-- who I raised from day 14 of his life and is, most certainly the apple(fish) of my eye:Simon.
He became very ill, not eating and huddling in corners.  I took him to his doctor for boarding which became a combination of hospital and boarding at Rosedale Veterinary Hospital Inc.
     Crying and expecting the worst, I explained what was going on and that I was very afraid he was going to die.  Dr. Sheahan promptly replied, "not on my watch."  She was true to her word!!
     Dr. Sheahan examined him and immediately started treating him with medications and food for critically ill felines.
     This was four weeks ago and with looking after by the Doctor and myself, and of course Simon's will to live; he is back to his "old self" and looking very handsome.
     I would not take my four legged family to any other veterinarian.  Dr. Sheahan has my undying gratitude--since "dying is not allowed on her watch."
                Thank You, Thank You, Thank You says Lyndell
                  Purrrrrrr,     Purrrrrr,     Purrrrrr says Simon

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